Price List

Private Group Walk - $300.00

Create a group of up to 12 participants and be guided for three hours according to your own schedule. A great way to build community, celebrate special events, and commemorate milestones!

Private Individual Walk - $120.00

Enjoy the benefits of a private one-to-one walk tailored to your time and place.

Group Public Walk - $35.00 per person

Join the community of others interested in practicing nature and forest therapy on a scheduled public walk.

Daily Rate - $300.00

Include the flexibility of shorter walks tailored for multiple groups with time for question-and-answer or information sessions on the documented health benefits of Nature and Forest Therapy.

Remotely Guided Walk - $25.00 per person

From the comfort and privacy of your own home, balcony, backyard or favourite greenspace, immerse yourself in a deepened connection with the natural world that is always available.


GTA, Ontario, Canada