Meet Your Guide:


Welcome Friend!
I am glad you are here.

There is a saying among us guides: “The Forest has your back,” and I promise you, it’s true.

For me, Forest Therapy is not a way of finding our connection to nature, it is a way of remembering it.

We are inextricably and intimately connected to all beings on this planet - nature is us, we are nature

I can genuinely say this practice has enriched my life and forever changed me as a person. It has: 🌈️ Held space for me to play, laugh, pause, unwind, and even grieve; 🧿️ Offered me support and sanctuary; 🎨 Positively impacted my creative process as a fine artist; 🌎️ Most  importantly, it has deepend my sense of belonging and duty to this planet.

I LOVE being a guide and am grateful for every walk I get to lead. I look forward to sharing time with you and the forest.

With Warmth,

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Emily is trained and certified through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

This practice, developed under the leadership of M. Amos Clifford, the founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, and with contributions from many other guides, has become the most-widely used framework for Forest Therapy in the world.


GTA, Ontario, Canada